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Highland / Fulton

Sometimes, our minds play tricks on us. Do you remember the word puzzle that has double words in a sentence, something like "the the" and you're asked to read it and you miss the double word?

For me, this is especially true when I write about a subject with which I am very familiar. For example, I recently wrote a column about Highland Day. In spite of doing my own proofreading, something one should never do, I made a colossal error.

Now, in my defense, the error was caused by the "cut and paste" and paragraph rearranging operations I was doing. One of the beauties of composing documents using a word processor on a laptop is that I get nice, clean copy- no strike-outs, scribbles, etc.

However, being so familiar with a subject can lead one to be careless when the eyes scan the paragraphs looking for errors. I had a glaring error that apparently caused quite a few chuckles in the community.

When I saw Marlene Feaga recently, she gave me the stern "school marm" look and I immediately knew why. Somehow, in all my rearranging of the column that week, I had Teri Boarman married to Larry Boarman. Everyone knows that Larry is married to Rosette and Teri is married to George.

Sorry about that. Can't say something like that won't happen again, though.

And, since I mentioned Highland Day, I want to mention someone who worked really hard behind the scenes to make the celebration (really, the last five) so successful. She is Charlotte Williams.

Charlotte is an events organizer and how well Highland Day turned out is the result of that expertise. Her client list includes some of the biggest names in finance, pharmaceuticals and electronics, to mention just a few.

She has planned events the world over and we here in Highland are very fortunate to have had her work on the committee. She has a passion for horseback riding and participates in horse shows up and down the east coast.

Charlotte, please accept the gratitude of a thankful community for all your efforts. We really appreciate it.

This being Highland's semiquincentennial year, Highland resident Hilda Mathieu has agreed to head the Highland Historic Committee, tasked with generating ideas and themes. The celebration is intended to stretch through 2010. She would appreciate assistance from anyone interested in this effort. You can e-mail Hilda at

Here's an update regarding the Reservoir High School Fall Concert Food Drive that took place Oct. 27. More than 1,000 pounds of canned goods and non-perishable foodstuffs were collected and donated to Howard County Food Bank.

I got an e-mail from Dr. Joel Goodman, dentist and amatuer astronomer. He sent a note about 2009 being the international year of astronomy (

The Howard Astronomical League's Galilean Nights has been rescheduled for Saturday, Nov. 21 at 5 p.m. at Alpha Ridge Park, in Marriottsville. You'll get to experience what first amazed Galileo 400 years ago.

There will be multiple telescopes set up so you can observe Jupiter, the moon, and other celestial wonders Galileo enjoyed. Help them look to the future as a partnership between HAL and the Howard County Dept. of Recreation and Parks is announced to build the first publicly accessible observatory in the county at Alpha Ridge.

More information and directions are at

One more thing: registration for the Master Gardener 2010 training program is open now until Dec. 18. Class size is limited and experience is not necessary. Classes start Jan. 27 and continue until March 31. They are every Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon. The cost is $195.

To receive a registration packet, give the University of Maryland Extension - Howard County office a ring at 410-313-2707.

Sandy Postman sent me a note about the upcoming theatrical performance at Reservoir High School. They are performing "Noises Off," a Broadway comedy about a theatre company that is preparing to stage a production destined for greatness.

The cast of the production includes Rebecca Lamich, Daniel Singer, Jenna Antoniades, Eric Meehan, Sarah Landy, Sam Dooley, Ryan Dorson, Chaz Atkinson, and Katherine Malanoski with understudies Thane Jones and Ayla Roda.

The performances are Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 19-21 at 7 p.m. and matinee showings Nov. 21 and 22 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $10, $7 seniors and students with ID. Call 410-888-8850 to purchase. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Happy Thanksgiving. That's all I have for this week. Look after your neighbors. Commit a random act of kindness. Say a prayer for our troops who are serving in harm's way. And remember their families, too.

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