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Four Mustangs named National Merit finalists

Despite the cold weather, the school year marches on and with that, many incredible students accomplishing amazing things. Marriotts Ridge High School had four students chosen as National Merit Scholar Finalists by the National Merit Scholarship Program: Zachary Essner, Igor Khrustalev, Colleen Quinlan and Brendan Wray. What an incredible accomplishment and honor for each of these students!

Marriotts Ridge sophomores Kelly Scruggs and Laura Chilcoat have their artwork on display in the 2008 Howard County Human Rights Commission's Fair Housing Calendar.

Several Marriotts Ridge students participated in the first MRHS Piano Competition held recently at the Howard Community College Horowitz Performing Center. Sarah Hess was awarded first place and commendations were given to the following students: Sam Xi, Winston Chiu, Da An, Kevin Yu and Josh Tilles.

As part of Marriotts Ridge's partnership with the Horizon Foundation, four students have become involved with several western Howard County initiatives. They are Courtney Miller, Katie Smalley, Jon Lim and Dana Barnes. Working with students from Glenelg High and area middle schools, the students have been helping to plan a Teen Game Room, called Caf´┐Ż Groove, at the Glenwood Community Center on Route 97. Students who are interested in more information about the teen game room and hours of operation should go to for more details.

More than 40 members of Marriotts Ridge High School's band, under the direction of James Ellis, recently participated in the Howard County Solo and Ensemble Festival. All received superior or excellent ratings.

The MRHS science department is pleased to announce the winners of the Marriotts Ridge High Science Fair. The overall winners were Brian Kim who won first place for his project, "Fractual Dimension, Power Spectra and the Classification of Music;" Wendy Zhang won second place for "The Effect of Eisenia Fetida proteins on the Growth of Pam212 Epidermal Cells;" and Brian Tich, who won third place for the project, "The Effect of Organic Farming on the Vitamin C Content of Fruits."

In the category of engineering and technology, first place went to Sean Martin for his project, "Lights and Sounds;" second place went to Kyle Mercer for his project, "The Effect of Secondary Windings on a Transformers Volt Output;" and third place went to Rachel Jones for her project, "The Effect of Different Types of Attic Vents on the Temperature and Humidity."

In the area of physics, first place went to Nick Davey for his project, "Bass Strings;" second place went to Ryan Oberholzer for his project, "The Effect of Winglets on the Performance of Airplanes;" and third place went to John Walters for his project, "The Effect of Wing Shape on Flight Performance."

In the category of animal biology, first place was awarded to Wendy Zhang for "The Effect of Eisenia Fetida proteins on the Growth of Pam212 Epidermal Cells;" second place was awarded for "The Effect of Chlorine on the control of Zebra Mussels," by Brendan McMurtray; and third place was awarded the project, "The Effect of Various Substances on the Widths of Animal and Vegetable Cell Membranes," by Rachael Follmer.

Stephanie Massuda won first place in the behavioral science division for her project, "The Effect of Nerve Density on Age Difference;" Rebecca Faith won second place for her project, "Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day?" and Marissa Goon won third place for "The Effect of Chewing Gum on Short-Term Memory."

In the category of environmental science, first place went to "The Effect of the Type of Storm water Management Method" by Jake Vogel; second place went to "The Effects of Salinity on the Movement of Water;" by Claire Gellner; and third place was awarded for "The Effect of a Whitewater feature on the Oxygen Content of Water" by Will Jennings.

In the area of microbiology, first place went to both Yebo Fu for "The Effect of BPI Homebox Gene Expression on Hs578T Breast Cancer Cells," and to Laura Chilcoat for her project, "The Mighty Dust Mite;" second place was awarded to Shuna Gao for "The Effect of Ultraviolet Light on Bacterial DNA;" and third place went to Caroline Jurney for "What are you Eating? Bacteria or Salad."

In the area of chemistry, first went to the project, "The Effect of Organic Farming on the Vitamin C Content of Fruits" by Brian Tich; second place went to "Heat Treatment of Pineapple to Allow Gelatin Formation" by Amanda Jefferson; and third place went to both "Infrared Spectroscopy" by Tim Shea and "The Effect of Paint on the Burning Time of Paper" by Eric Zhang.

In the category of plant biology, Alison Murphy won first place with "The Effect of Antifreeze Type and Concentration on Plant Growth;" Vidya Gondalia won second place for" The Effect of Temperature on the Germination and Radical Length of Lectuva Sativa;" and Cara Koontz won third place for "The Effect of Phragmite on Bio-Diversity."

In the area of mathematics. first place was awarded to Brian Kim for "Fractual Dimension, Power Spectra and the Classification of Music;" second place was presented to Omair Javed for "What is the Fastest Way to Solve a Ribik's Cube?

If you would like to show your support for Marriotts Righ High School, then the Marriotts Ridge HS Boosters has the event for you!

They would like to invite you to grab your jeans, bandanas, cowboy hats and boots and come on down to the "Hoedown at the Ridge!" The third Annual Mustang Madness Live and Silent Auction and Dinner will be held March 8 from 7:30 p.m.-midnight at Martin's West.

Tickets are $50 per person and can be purchased online at I have been to the last two and they are very fun evenings with fantastic items to bid on. Proceeds will benefit many different organizations at the school.

And finally, I have to acknowledge a big "oops" in last week's column. There was information in it that had previously been reported. I'm sorry for any confusion it caused.




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