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Sometimes there's so much to write, I don't know where to start. Other times, there's a dearth of information so I have to go hunting. This is one of those "feast" times where there's almost too much to write about for one column. I was cleaning up old voice mails on our "new" phone system and came across one that kind of fell through the cracks.

So, first, an apology to Marlene Feaga for dropping the ball. She called and left a phone message. She wanted to wish her parents, Larry and Rosette Boarman, a happy 60th wedding anniversary. And also, belated birthday wishes to Larry. Larry and Rosette used to run Boarman's Market in Highland. Now his son, George Boarman, runs it.

Speaking of George, I got an e-mail from Bill Keen of College Park. Bill and his daughter, Chrissy, were traveling to a nearby assisted living facility for a visit with his father when Bill decided to stop at Boarman's Market for a sandwich and a coffee. When he came out of the store, another customer who had just pulled in, told him that one of his rear tire was going flat. Bill hoped that the donut spare would be able to carry him and his daughter on to their visit.

But, that turned out to be the least of his worries. It turned out that his wheel lock lug nut tool was stripped and he was unable to get the flat tire off the car. This is where George entered the picture. Unable to reach young Georgie for assistance, George told Bill he was going home to get his tire repair kit, which he did. George returned with it plus a battery powered air compressor. He put a temporary plug in the tire, pumped it up enough for Bill and his daughter to allow them to get to a nearby service station. Bill was pleasantly surprised to find out who his "angel of mercy" was.

Chrissy even remarked that, in the time they were stuck at the market with a flat tire, between 15 to 18 people stopped to ask if Bill and Chrissy needed help.

"In a world where we constantly read and hear about the negative such as crime, hate, anger, and lack of concern for our fellow man, it was indeed both a humbling and refreshing experience to know there are still good, kind, and friendly people that exist and go out of their way to help a person in need" Bill wrote.

He continued, "To George Boarman, his staff, and the wonderful people of the beautiful town called Highland, Maryland, thank you for your acts of kindness."

Last week I was taking a ride on the motorcycle and took Pindell School Road. The weather was nice -- warm and sunny. Then I saw it, the sign for the Haunted Hike -- about a quarter mile north of Route 216.

Every year at this time, the Statewide Sportsman Club of Fulton puts on a pretty scary evening of shrieks, screams and howls, all in good fun and to celebrate Halloween.

This year's dates are Friday through Sunday, Oct. 24-26, starting at 7:30 p.m. The cost is still only $7. For more information, including tips and an online poll, go to their Web site at You can also "caw" them at 301-576-1417.

Our intrepid drag racer, Geneva Williams of the Highland Post Office, was racing at the Mason-Dixon Speedway and raced in the "Outlaw Pro Street" class. She drives a 7-second 1968 Chevy Camaro and guess what? She won! That's right. She's the champion outlaw pro street drag racer and she's our very own.

Carol and Al Hill, of Highland, alerted me to this fact in a recent e-mail. Carol and Geneva were co-workers and stay in touch. When you visit the Highland Post office, you're bound to see smilin' Geneva behind the counter, always with a kind word on her lips and a smile on her face. I checked my archives and found that this is "two in a row" for Geneva.

I got an e-mail from Shannon Sigamoni, a student at Reservoir High School and a member of the student government. Shannon is in charge of advertising and wanted me to invite the community to the annual Reservoir homecoming parade, taking place on Market Street, in Maple Lawn, Saturday, Oct. 25 at 10 a.m. Shannon wrote, "Come support your local school!"

And Rob Dice, a Reservoir High parent and officer with the Music Boosters, wrote to tell me about a free Halloween benefit concert. The students from Murray Hill Middle School and Reservoir High School are performing a first-ever joint concert. The music takes place at Reservoir and starts at 6:30 p.m. and benefits the Howard County Hospital Pediatric unit. The Murray Hill band will start off the concert, followed by Reservoir.

"Come dressed in Halloween costume and enjoy an evening of eerie and spooooooooky entertainment" Rob wrote. Donations will be accepted so help them fill the bass drum for the kids in the unit.

Happy Halloween! Well, that's all for this week. Look after your neighbors. Remember our troops who are serving in harm's way. And don't forget their families. Commit a random act of kindness.

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